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Transmission torque rating- your inputs

200 BMW 135
I was underneath my car changing my exhaust out and found a leak from my differential. Everything to the rear of the leak was coated with fluid of course. Went to the dealership today and they will be replacing the seal for free, I am at 49,785 miles (fortunate I found it).

Anyways, 2 weeks ago I went to the track and ran an 11.76 on E85/93 (40%/60% mix). I am FBO minus stock midpipes. But my car ran amazingly fast on stock turbos, no meth, street tires, etc so I figured that I have to be pushing a minimum of 400RWHP. My reasoning is due to my trapspeed of 120 mph, 60ft time was 1.94 but still had ET of 11.76.

Will dyno my car at the earliest opportunity to determine the exact HP but does anyone feel that the torque output somehow caused that leak to occur? Car was not leaking before. Worried that this transmission will not handle this power consistently. Any oppinions? Thanks for your input.