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Nope, not throwing any codes.

It seems to be a turbo issue since the intake and power is off. I have a bov and I can barley hear it now.

Could the dps be interfering with the wastegate/turbo? I know the wastegate actuator valve is located near the dps. Has anyone ran into wastegate problems with a dp install? And could that be the diagnostic for loss of power/"uneven" turbo intake sound?
Yes, it is possible that you accidentally bumped the wastegate actuator and it is stuck open right now, it happened on my car, but after getting back under there my friend and I were able to jiggle it back free and I haven't had an issue for over a year.

Just a thought but it does sound likely
Thank you for the input. I'm going to call the shop tomorrow and see what they can do.

Were you experiencing the same strange intake sounds I had? Also, i drove the dodge to my gals house so I can't check, but should I be able to hear the waste gate clearly if it is stuck open?

Great advise guys I really appreciate the thought & time
The Intake did sound funky, the main things that I noticed was a significantly louder exhaust note, and a lack of power.

thanks to MGallop