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What Is Adaptive Transmission Control?

I find this "adaptive transmission control" in the 128i catalogue, and it says my 2013 128i auto trans has it. I can find no reference to it in the owners manual.

I find the standard Steptronic shift points way too low; drop the revs down below 1500 and lug the engine down. In sport mode the shift points are too high and include 1st gear, which is too low a gear for normal use; and it does not shift to 6th gear at all. So I shift my auto manually (not too cold, not too hot, just right!). I hoped that "adaptive transmission control" would somehow help me get to what I would define as good shift points to where I can use the auto tarnsmission in D or DS - but can't so far figure it out. Any ideas?

Also - Can dealer adjust auto transmission shift points?

Thanks in advance for info!