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Originally Posted by Dackelone
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I purchased the kit from CTSC.

I'm planning on attempting the service this weekend but I've done 100,000km on mine and it shifts like shit...
I changed the trans fluid on my e39 535i(v8). I changed it like four times. The hardest part of the fluid change is locating the fill plug for the ATF. On my e39 it was just above the oil pan gasket by about an inch or two on the rear edge.

Also... make SURE you run the trans thru ALL the gears(forward & reverse - besure to use the brakes so the wheels stop spinning(!) before changing directions/gears)... keep the engine ON and IN GEAR(ie drive) while on a lift... then keep adding ATF until it spills out of the trans fill hole. The trans oil needs to be fairly hot. I think 80'C. So let the car run in gear for a good 30 minutes or so - while adding ATF all along.

I ended up changing my ATF a few more times until it came out red instead of the black/brown color of old ATF. You will see.
I didn't buy enough fluid to change it that often =P. No money at the moment to do that haha.

I'll see how it goes with just the 1 flush and filter change and if I'm still not happy with it I might try flushing it some more like you say.