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Originally Posted by 1thomas View Post
Well, the AR10
Yeah I definately want to go back to Texas ASAP. I really liked it there, so far my favourite place in the US . This time I was limited by money and vacation time to only 9 days (14th-22nd) which I spent almost exclusively with the people I know there at H2R in San Marcos . One day I did a short trip to Fredericksburg, but that was kinda disappointing, because just touri-crap. But I found the cemetery which was literally 90% German (unlike the rest of the town).
Guten Tag Y’all

My wife’s family are descendants of the German immigration to Texas (they came from the area of Leipzig). At least 5 or 6 German (Hessen) nationals died defending the Alamo from the evil General Santa Anna. Her grandfather although Texan by birth was fluent in German.

F'burg is not for everyone. It's mostly small trendy shops and boutiques. I prefer to sample the beer or grab a schnitzel und pommes. You should have visited the National War of the Pacific Museum. Admiral Nimitz was the son of these German Immigrants.

Also recommended reading:

Of all the people Olmsted encountered the Germans who settled in the hill country were the most fascinating. A butcher from New Braunfels "we have become quite wealthy and have no desire to return to Germany." BTW today’s forecast for the Hill Country sunny and 20.5 C.

According to Olmsted’s figures, Germans comprised nearly a third of the population in towns like San Antonio; they were the dominant group in many counties in the Hill Country. But numbers weren’t the reason for Olmsted’s interest in the Germans. The thriving German communities were his standing argument against the slave-plantation economy that was encroaching upon the Texas frontier. They were the shining example of what free labor and devotion to democratic ideals could accomplish in the new land.

I am glad you enjoyed visiting my home as much as we enjoy your’s

Okay..feeling homesick again...right Rick?

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