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Automatic 2009 135 @ 49.7K miles. What happened was that I decided to go with a maddad whisper exhaust because the fitment of the active autowerke was not up to par. I got underneath to replace the exhaust and saw a drip comming of the differential (ball) and from their back, most of everything was coated.

Took the car to the dealership, they checked it out (took about 1.5 hours), they removed the diff cover and came back and gave me documentation (they didn't have the seal in stock) stating that they would be replacing this free of charge. I also got them to aggree to replace the rear pads 1 last time. So I lucked out.

It was funny because I had gone to the track and had done a few burnouts there prior to the runs, car was full of burnt rubber so I had to clean all of that up (was afraid they would have told me that it was due to my abuse). Anyways, I have had good experience with the exception that they tried to deny my last 45k oil change and spark plug change because I wasn't getting the "service code" although their records showed that I had not had this service yet. Anyways, thanks for you guys' input