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Tire bulge dilemna ?

Hi guys

am a bit of dilemna here.
I got my 135i used.
The dealer placed new tires RFTs on the front because the car came with non-RFT. So the front tires are 100%
The rear tires are the original RFTs bridgestones which has about 65% threadlife.

Today i discovered one of the rear tires has a small bulge. Apparently based on the threads here, bulge is not good and needs to be replaced.

I was hoping these tires would give me a few more months of use before needing to replace.

I was planning to use non-RFT like Bridgestones S-04 when the time comes needing to replace all four tires.

What should i do ?

a.) replace the 2 rear tires with RFT to match the front RFTs (as these fronts are new)?
b.) replace 2 rear tires with non-rft and leave the front RFTs as is ?
c.) replace all 4 tires with non-rft and use the rfts as temporary reserves ?
d.) wait till the rear bulge becomes worst and hope nothing happens till it wears out ?
e.) other suggestions ????

Thanks for the help.