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Originally Posted by Rsmatt View Post
What Chris is saying is that his car FEELS stronger with the forge intercooler than with the stock and this is certainly the case with mine as well although I don't have a forge intercooler I have an evolve one.
On the dyno with the standard intercooler the car loses power fairly quickly on multiple runs with the forge intercooler this was less evident, this I have been told is because the bigger intercooler helps remove heat quicker.
Chris and I for that matter don't run boost controllers on our cars but evolve have monitored mine when on there dyno whilst mapping my car to check the boost levels are correct, I can only assume that dms did the same.
Chris's car must run higher boost levels than mine though because his car is putting out the same bhp and torque figures with a less modifications. Specifically what these boost levels are I don't know but I'm sure evolve and dms will tell you if you contact them.
Air to Air intercooler works on the basis of outside temperature and air flow through the cooling fins. From what I've noticed, on a hot (>85F) sunny day your intercooler will only be able to cool down your IATs to outside ambient temp +12F if you're traveling greater than 45 MPH. Once you stop moving, cooling essentially stops. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I don't see how you UK guys would have much heat soak issues due to the climate in the UK rarely getting above 80F unless you're constantly sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. In Houston, we easily average >95F in the summer and I've seen IATs in the 140F when sitting in traffic. I feel my aftermarket intercooler does help remove heat quicker, but it's not instantaneous and still takes several minutes, definitely longer than it takes to do a run on a dyno, depending on how much air flow is going through the intercooler.

I just want to let everyone know that unless you're running higher boost that would raise the IATs due to increased heat generated by the turbos, you're not going to feel any difference in peformance with an aftermarket air to air FMIC unless you live in a hot climate.

If you're tracking your car, the best way to prevent excessive heat soak is to raise your hood/bonnet in between sessions.

I'd like to hear experiences from other 1M owners regarding this topic.

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