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Did you also consider a 3 before you bought your 1?

I may be in a position to make a purchase as early as next week depending on how things go with my current car. I've driven a 2010 135i but have yet to drive a 3 series.

I originally zeroed in on the 1 series because of the size and the lower cost of a new one but now I've decided I'd rather go used (sticking around the 09 or 10 model years). It looks like there are far more 3 series (both 328i and 335i) out there than 1 series and more 135i's for sale than 128i's.

I know the 3 is a larger, heavier car but also roomier and with a little bit nicer interior. I need to go take a test drive but did some of you 1 series folk also drive a 3 and then decide to come back to the 1? And if you were in the market for a pre-owned car, as I am, would you still pick the 1 over the 3 at the same price point? Because from where I am sitting the used prices are very close.