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I bought a 3 (Aug 2011), new, kept going back to the service every two weeks because problems kept popping out. I drove it for 4 months, been to the service 8 times. In the end, my dealer considered it as a lemon car, and had to be replaced (Dec 2011). They asked me to pick something I want from the show room. Back then, when I was purchasing my 3, I fell in love with the 1 that was in the show room, but wasn't able to pick that one because of the price. It was $50k with some performance part. Too expensive. When the dealer told me to pick something I want from the show room, that 1 was still there. I was like, this is meant to be, for 4 months I've driven the 3, the car that I fell in love with was still there. I didn't take a look at any other cars. I just chose that one. Now, I've been driving it for almost a year now, from Dec. 09, 2011, from 23 miles to 30xxx miles and it hasn't given me a single problem. No regrets. I love it, and still loving it every single day. 1 is an amazing car. I wouldn't exchange it to any other cars. It is unique, and you don't see this car on the road every day, not like the 3.