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Originally Posted by doublevanosrc View Post
I did as well, but the 1 series just felt more nimble and more fun to drive. The 3 is still and excellent machine and would never hesitate to own one.(E90/92 of course)
Couldnt say it any better. Loved my e90 but man this is fun

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If you look at the difference in interior measurements, there is so little difference between the two that its pretty insignificant. The significantly smaller look of the exterior makes most think there is a huge difference. The backseat headroom of the 1 is actually better than the 3 due to the different shape of the roof.

It was funny to look at the 92 Mustang 5.0 coupe parked next to me when I picked my kids up from school the other day. My 135 looked bigger than it! I used to own a 93 coupe and that thing felt Iike a much larger car than my BMW does.

This is what i have been tryign to tell my friends! They don't believe me when I explain it to them.
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