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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Thanks to "The Clash" for the title line.

My '09 128 6MT M-Sport has been a blast to drive every single day. Though I respect the 135 owners, and anyone who uses modifications to "personalize" their car, I have simply enjoyed driving my humble 1er every single time I slide into the seat, which, in my mind, is why BMW is in the car business (or maybe it used to be).

My car will be out of warranty in July, 2013; I'm not mechanically inclined (at least on today's cars).

I could hold out until the 2-Series is available. However, I'm getting "vibrations" about BMW's goal (or "mission," if you're PC).

The new 3-series seems to be a bit less of a "driver's car" than the E90. Still a nice car, but not quite the "ultimate driving machine" as before.

As the E82 shared some components (and some soul) with the E90, I am concerned that the (maybe unfortunate) changes in the new 3-Series will make it's way to the F20 coming down the road.

BMW's presence at the LA Auto Show seems to be promoting the I3. I am not interested in an electric car...not now, and hopefully, not for a while to come.

I'm in a position where I could drive my 128 for a while, have an "out of warranty" BMW for a time, and wait for a "2er," or buy one more 128 next spring.

I simply love to walk out the back door, to the garage, slide into my 1er, and enjoy driving it anywhere, at anytime, and in a quick fashion when the opportunity is there, just as I enjoy putting on a favorite t-shirt or sweatshirt. It takes me back to my '83 GTI (first year USA), but much better in every way.

I would love to read opinions from those of you who have a better viewpoint than I. I'm sure there are a lot of you.

Thanks for putting up with an "old man's" rants!