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Originally Posted by JamJay
Sorry to drag this up bu better to use an existing thread I guess. I even found this via SEARCH

Anyway, I find it interesting that people say that Maddad's are louder than N55 mids seeing as N55 has just a tiny resonator in it which I would have thought did a worse job at sound control than a twin resonated Maddad set . I'm also interested as to why people say that the N55 mid-pipes gave nothing sound wise over N54 mid-pipes even though you've deleted two Cats. Why would this be?

Granted I do not have a 1M but an N54 135i with BMW PE (stock DPs, stock N54 mids). I am looking for a mid-pipe that will give me more volume over the whole rev range, I was set on N55 mids figuring that they'd be much louder with no Cats in them but according to this...perhaps not?
I will also be fitting the y-pipe which comes with the PE, this will delete the N55 centre resonator. Will this make the N55 mid-pipe come to life or is the lack of sound in the N55 pipe due to pipe design or diameter? Now I think of it I've heard an N55 135i with PE in person and it was pretty quiet but I do not know if it had the Y-Pipe centre resonator delete fitted.

Seeing as Maddad isn't available in the UK I guess I really have no option to go there however, Berk is available so another option or of course custom Mids.

Can anyone offer some advice?

Not sure where you're getting that the N55 mids have a tiny resonator? Have you seen the pictures of it? It's almost the size of a full blown muffler. The maddads might have two resonators but the combined volume of the 2 if probably about a fourth or less of the volume of the N55s.