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Originally Posted by ripper0306 View Post
The car isn't registered or neither passed a "control" in Germany ?

So, the car is freshly imported, how can you drive it in Germany.
Did you pay the Taxes when you imported it ?

Can you tell me the whole story, I think I don't get it

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This. Thread refuses to die... so I might as well adds something more to it... for anyone importing a car into Germany or if you buy a new or used car in Germany... you can buy temp tags for your car.these are the long German tags but they have a yellow stripe on the right side edge of the tag. These temp tags are only good for a few days or maybe a month, they also include insurance with it. I think a five day tag runs about 130 euros, any German DMV or KFZ Zulassung can issue these tags. They can also issue the ED export tags as well. :-)