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I wouldnt wait for anything if you're keen on buying. I am picking up my own 135i Coupe new in under a week. I figured I loved the shape, the way it goes and the wide range of mods available, why wait for a car to be unveiled, put into production and then delivered for another year and a half at least. You're probably looking at a 2014 delivery for a '235' coupe and there are no guarantees you will like the look as much regardless if the E82 is 'dated'. It's all a matter of preference. There is always something better coming out so if your heart is in the 135i, buy it now and ignore the fact that there might be a new model coming out. Besides, its not going to be your final car purchase im sure. Finish your finance enjoy for 3-4 years then buy a 235i mid lifecycle if you think you like it.....perhaps even a '2M'