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Well, hard to say if you're being played or can only be the judge of that.

The 7600kms is not unreasonable for a car with in-service date of June 28/12. My own 135i has in service date of June 15 and I have about 5400kms on mine, BUT, I haven't done any trips with it, and we have another car. Also, I personally put every one of those 5400 kms on it.

The discount of close to 15% off MSRP, I assume, is OK. And the warranty is there, albeit only 3 and a half years left. But that's the price you pay for the discount.

What I would do is be prepared to wait, and order exactly what I want. It will be a 2013 model of course, and you likely won't get much if any discount. But you will own it from day 1, and if you plan on keeping it a while, that is worth something (at least to me it is).

No one can tell you what to do here, let your "guts" be your guide. Good luck.
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