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Originally Posted by thehalcyon View Post
I got a hold of Webb70 and he cleared up a few things for me. It looks in fact to me that this car was indeed 99% driven by the same person which is good. They only let certain people drive it in special cases (when the other model was not available for test)

It eases me and makes me a lot more relaxed about this whole experience. I'm sure this SA is fed up with me asking questions. So far he has been very patient and co-operative with the buying process.

Assuming everything goes well, I would gladly recommend my SA, and I'll have a new(well close!) car this friday!
Seems to be sorting out fine, don't worry over the SA's being fed up, that's his/her job, and making you comfortable will help them get the sale.

You are entitled to ask all the questions you feel you need to. You need the answers, and the comfort.

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