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Thought I would update y'all. I took the car into the dealership to have them check everything out. They took it for a drive and couldn't replicate any symptoms. Then, I took them out on a drive and I felt 3rd balk at me once. I explained that it doesn't always happen, so they suggested they should keep it over the weekend to drive it some more. They drove it for about an hour total and said they couldn't find any problems. Surprisingly, they were very nice and it didn't seem like they were just saying this stuff to get me out of there hair. Not all was wasted though, as now have a document from them stating the issues I had with the transmission. I can use this as ammo if things get worse when i go out of warranty (4k miles). Anyways, I picked the car back up. I plan on doing a transmission fluid change sometime very soon. I will be going with the redline D4 ATF, as I have heard people have had great success with this. I will also probably do the CDV delete at the same time. Hopefully this will help resolve the issue. Thanks for your input, and I will let everyone know how it goes.