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Having lived most of my live in Massachusetts and 2 years in MN, the salt is brutal. I always loved driving in the snow until the salt trucks came. They salt heavily, the snow melts and it's like driving on wet, rainy roads except it's pure salty water going everywhere and caking the undercarriage. Even with undercarriage washes, the salt takes it's toll. The chassis components (A arms, brackets, struts, springs, drive shafts, etc.) usually have a minimal coating of paint on them and salt eats through quickly turning everything rusty. My remedy for this was to undercoat the components and use a high quality black paint on drive, axle shafts, when I bought a new car. It was a very messy job although with frequent chassis flushes and undercoat touch ups in the fall every year, the chassis and undercarriage stayed fairly rust free. I now live in FL and for the time being don't have the salt issue.