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Originally Posted by Vigilante375 View Post
Cars even come with something like a 10 year rust protection or whatever right? But as long as you wash it, it will be ok. If you want a very thorough wash, take it to a automated wash so it can get under the car. But I know how people feel about those things. I've never had any issue's washing my cars in there once a month just so the underside can get cleansed.
The warranty only covers 'perforation', which wouldn't likely happen in that time frame. Even if it did, they require you to have had the every 2 year corrosion checkout at the dealership to honor it.

The best bet to combat corrosion is to keep the salt off, so yes, undercarriage washes are best, but theres always going to be crevices where salt, grime and moisture's just the unfortunate truth of living in salted areas. Only other real step to give you better odds is a undercarriage liner like Line-X or similar that wears better than the factory coating and prevents exposed metal contact with the elements.
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