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Interior trim custom wrapped in Carbon Fiber by oCarbon!


My "blog" from Matt:

First off, let me start this by saying Matt at oCarbon has been a breeze to work with. Aside from the time to actually do the sanding, priming, wrapping, clearcoating, polishing, and finishing, its been a VERY smooth process (which is to be expected when each piece is done by hand with a VERY meticulous person like Matt).

Matt started wrapping trim work and parts for the Audi scene a few years ago. My younger brother got his interior of his B7 A4 wrapped and i was blown away by the quality, depth and fitment of the parts. At the time, i didn't have the money for that sort of job and figured that it wouldn't fit well in my GR STI interior.

Flash forward a year and a half and Matt is looking to expand his market via Facebook. I had been following him for a bit, looking at a lot of the custom work he does and the pride that he takes in every part he wraps. He also offers Kevlar weaves as well as different weave patterns for his wrap material.

He sent me pictures through the whole process, keeping me up to date with what was going on.

Take a look at some of his galleries of the CTS-V and the Porsche. Those are what really look perfect to me, but i knew that the normal black Carbon Fiber would be the best choice for me.

Some more finished pictures:

My plans are as follows:

Finish installing the normal trim work and then remove some of the trim that is not normally done, including the steering wheel surround, start button ring, iDrive control surround and some other parts and have him wrap those next.

Install/removal is not bad at all. Everything but the console pieces just pull right off. The console isnt even bad either if you have some instructions (which i will be putting together for Matt for his DIY guides).

Please post up any questions/comments!

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