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Originally Posted by bradleyland View Post
You'd be amazed how many cars benefit from shifting before redline. This is especially true for turbo charged cars where the torque band comes on early. I've done plots on a couple of cars (one turbo, one NA), and both benefited from shifting before redline. The turbo charged one more so than the NA. Both were running stock ECU software.

Gearing multiplies torque, but it does not affect power. Peak acceleration will come at peak power. Engines like the S54 will work best when shifted at redline, but that's the exception, not the rule (for road cars).
+1. Just to add my impressions with the N54 version in the 1M; better overall acceleration if you shift around 5500 to 6000 (depending on outside/road condition) for 1st to second gear and at 6500-6700 range for 2-3-4. Couldn't find an opportunity to pass 6500 at 5th or 6th yet

And to clarify, 1M goes to redline with little to no complaint, there is still good power and torque at 6000s but there are no real gains to stay after 6000 too long and I found that shifting like stated above puts you back at the exact sweet spot again to continue acceleration. Other notes for whoever unfamiliar are redline is at 7000, fuel cut comes a bit after which should be avoided. My Mustang dyno runs on the stock car showed that torque reaches its peak around 2600 rpm and stays almost constant till 6000, very little fall till 6500. HP reached its peak around 5300-5500 rpm and after that smoothly falls till 6500, nothing like a sharp fall which supports butt dyno impressions.
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