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I think you meant for your title to say the 135 thoughts won't leave my head or the 135 thoughts won't stop entering my head lol. At any rate I haven't taken delivery of my 135i yet but having owned 5 other bmws all manual e30 e36 and e46 platforms their manual trannys r pretty solid. Back in the 90s the autos were kinda sketchy but even those are better now and the dct of course is their pride and joy so it's engineered very well I'm sure. I can't really say n54-55 is better than the other. I've driven both and while some swear by the 54 they didn't feel much different to me at all if any. I'd say if ur doing mad modding go 54 if you just want a tune like jb4 n55 is fine and more reliable. If you're in the vw/Audi game then u really don't need any warnings. Expect the same stuff from this car as with those. Electrical crap can be finicky at times. Parts are damn expensive. I'd say tho having owned an Audi a4 for a yr the bmws check engine light dosent come on near as much but it can cuz both these and vws have way more sensors than they need. That's all I got. Side note you will prolly miss your vw interior for awhile. I saw that was one of your complaints with the other cars u named. Not that BMW interior Isent nice cuz it's very nice but u can tell its not an Audi/vw. While I'm a loyal BMW fan ill admit any day of the week that Audi/vw usually have the best styled and crafted interior by far