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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
That seems like a little too much for that car. As I wrote earlier, my loaded 2010 residual was $28k which is two years newer and with many fewer miles and absolutely zero cosmetic defects.

Well when I bought it, I did a good amount of searching and had a hard time finding better deals. It seems when you're looking CPO convertible 1 series, they're few and far between, so there's quite a premium.

Before this 135, I tried to buy another one with 70k for $24000, 2009 non CPO, don't think it had nav, and the cosmetic condition about eqivalent.

That didn't work out. the "dealer's wife" wanted the car.

Then I tried to buy a 2009 red 135, non CPO, no nav. Guy wanted 29k, offered him 27.5, but it sold to someone else.

Then I found this one, made an offer for what I felt was a "fair" price after being fed up with car shopping, and got it for 29k instead of 32k. From looking on BMW's CPO website, it seems like it was a fair deal to me, but it's possible I paid on the high side, not sure. Also, I kind of ignored the cosmetic defects and carfax, since most of the scratches polished out and the CPO warranty makes me not worry about the accident.

Also, with 28k residual, the dealer CPO selling price could be mid 30s I'd guess?

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