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Everyone has their opinions, likes, dislikes... everyone is different, it's what makes people unique... I myself actually want to drop my 135 2+ or so inches as well because i like the look/functionality of a dropped car. Yes being DUMPED has its draw backs with having to take much more care driving and avoiding angles, pot holes ect but I had a 2009 Audi TT S-line dumped on coils with stanced wheels and slight poke out of the back rims and I had adults who drove Porsche's, Farrari's and such complimenting my car all the time. Plus at 150+mph the car felt like it was on rails, unlike the 135 which at 130mph I feel like the slightest gust of wind can throw me to the next lane....
Pix of it

But anyway, back to OP's topic... I too am interested in the lowest dropping springs and coils and see which is best bang for buck and more worth it.