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Originally Posted by Eyeman
A 9" wide wheel will be very tough to get to fit in the front on our cars. That offset is probably about as good as you can get. Technically the inside of your wheel should be 2mm closer to the strut than mine so I think it will fit that side. I'm on KW's which supposedly are exactly the same as ST's except the metal used. You'll be poked on the outside 10mm further than me already so hopefully you won't need a spacer.

Hopefully you mean to run 225/40/18 fronts. I assume you are planning to semi-slam your car. If that's the case I'd run 225/35 fronts. I rubbed at times in the front with my previous tires, but I think it was the height and how lowered I was more than the width.

I think it's the design of our cars that makes us all rub on the passenger side rear. I can definitely see that my passenger wheel pokes out more. Your rears will poke out 11mm further than mine. I run 2deg front and rear camber and my fenders are rolled, semi-pulled. You are gonna have to do more than that.

Good luck, but I think more aggressive sets have been ran already so you should be able to make it work with some effort. Keep us updated!
Sorry typo there I meant 225/35f and 245/35r. Your post answered all my questions so thank you very much!
I'm pulling the trigger on some bbs rs or super rs, in the middle of looking for faces, but have been in contact with rotiform to refinish and build to the specs mentioned in my original post. Surprisingly it's cheaper then buying a new set of any 3 piece wheels by atleast $1000. I'll update with a new thread in the new year when it all comes together.

Thanks again

Ps. Gorgeous car - love the volks!
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