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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Its different for each country. Keach and my car are US spec cars delivered thru military car sales, here in Germany. In the USA cars go(sell) by model year. A model year starts around Sept(I believe) every year. Cars built before that date are last year models, car built after(a certain date) are the next M.Y.

Cars built for the German market... are sold by production date (Bj bau jahr, meaning build date). Everyone here knows the actually date a car is built on, and they use this to "sell" their cars. Sometimes they use the first date the car was registered(called EZ, erstzulassung) for selling their cars.

I think in Australia you go by calendar year - No?

The companies can pretty much call them whatever model year they want here. My early June 2010 built 128i was a MY2011. My late October built 2011 1M was also a MY2011.