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Originally Posted by foofopps View Post
^^You really think BMW is going to produce a performance part that lowers performance? You sir are...nevermind.
Thanks Spoolin Montego, for your back. You get it, my friend.

I won't even comment on your immature response.
Let me school you, and I'll keep it mature, unlike your infantile & ignorant comment!
Performance exhausts, especially in this case, produce 5 hp and 3 lbs/ft of torque at 6600 rpms.
Bear in mind, there are several unlimited speed limits in Germany. The limited performance numbers, identified supra, are gained while driving at a sustained 6600 rpms, which are speeds highly unlikely and even unattainable in the good old USA.
The BMW PE was made for sustained Autobahn speeds, where you will barely notice a small performance increase at 6600 rpms and above.
If I could see a performance graph, showing no loss of low end torque, where we Americans operate our automobiles, and unless you are racing at 6600 rpms, then the BMW PE would be a purchase for ear candy, exclusively.
Does it not pique your interest why BMW does not provide a performance chart/graph, identifying the small performance increase? Get it? Must I explain this to you as well???

Additionally, if you continue on in life, believing everything you read, then I pity you.