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I get on this fairly frequently and although it's a male dominated forum with some of us being partly educated, it always reads like one of those teenage-girl forums that my daughter constantly chats on. Ignorant. Not to mention the amount of confrontations on this site is ridiculous.

If you are not bringing something positive, informative or even funny to this site you should stay the hell out. Watch some jersey shore, pawn stars or some other reality tv for your drama "fix" before logging on. just sayin...

Originally Posted by BenDiem View Post
Thanks Spoolin Montego, for your back. You get it, my friend.

I won't even comment on your immature response.
Let me school you, and I'll keep it mature, unlike your infantile & ignorant comment!
Performance exhausts, especially in this case, produce 5 hp and 3 lbs/ft of torque at 6600 rpms.
Bear in mind, there are several unlimited speed limits in Germany. The limited performance numbers, identified supra, are gained while driving at a sustained 6600 rpms, which are speeds highly unlikely and even unattainable in the good old USA.
The BMW PE was made for sustained Autobahn speeds, where you will barely notice a small performance increase at 6600 rpms and above.
If I could see a performance graph, showing no loss of low end torque, where we Americans operate our automobiles, and unless you are racing at 6600 rpms, then the BMW PE would be a purchase for ear candy, exclusively.
Does it not pique your interest why BMW does not provide a performance chart/graph, identifying the small performance increase? Get it? Must I explain this to you as well???

Additionally, if you continue on in life, believing everything you read, then I pity you.