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Hi folks, for those of you with the Louillp diffuser, how is the weave and the fitment? Any chance you could answer the below to help both myself and other users considering ebay diffusers? Would be good if we can collate our information to "rank" the ebay diffusers. I've had my eye on the Louillp one for a while, and that one seems to be best from what I've read so far, but only a couple of people have it.

1.) People are reporting that the JC Sportline one was a bit narrow so you get a slight gap either side - is that the case with the Louillp one?

2.) How about the tabs, do they line up and fit correctly?

3.) How is the weave? Any imperfections or cracks or anything?

4.) How was the packaging? On their ebay site now they're saying that the goods are very well packed, so hopefully they've changed their packing from before.

Thanks in advance for any info that you can offer.