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The parts that are most suseptible to rust are the underneath chassis components- frame, A Arms, suspension parts, painted steel brackets and drive shafts. I used to undercoat the painted steel components when I lived up north. I used only a high quality undercoating spray from 3M. The only time I did not use undercoating, I used a high quality black paint- like Rustoleum- for drive shafts. I would always primer bare steel parts as well. The fenders are all very well protected since they are galvanized on the inside and protected with paint and primer on the outside. With the undercoating and frequent undercarriage washes, my cars and trucks stayed rust free- no rust at all on the undercarriage. I also used to touch up any bare, chipped or rusted spots underneath every fall while the weather was still warm. I never once had any issue with rust through on a fender and I always kept my cars well waxed to protect the outside. The undercoating was a really messy job and I am glad at least for the time being that I live in FL and don't have to worry about road salt and undercoating.