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Beverly Hills BMW - Bad Service Experience

Got my car serviced in Monrovia two months ago (second maintance, my car has about 33K miles) and over the Thanksgiving weekend, i got a yellow SES light and an adaptive headlight failed.

Why I would go eleswhere:

1. Headlight issue was attributed to aftermarket part fitment (LUX halos) and they wanted over $2500 to fix the issue. When I declined service, they attempted to charge me over $150.00 as inspection fee. This fee was never discussed at any time yet they initially took offense to my questioning the charge.

2. They charged me $25 for the honor of getting a loaner car. They gave me this car with 18 miles worth of gas. Because my SA did not give me any indication of when the car would be ready, I returned the car with over a half a tank of gas..... costing me at least another 25 bucks or so.

3. I spent the holidays painstakingly detailing my car because I forgot to tell the guys @ Monrovia not to wash the car.... and they swirled the heck of out my JB paint. Well.... I got it looking good again, and told my SA @ Beverly Hills BMW not to wash the car..... but they did anyway. Swirled really bad.

4. When I dropped my car off, they drove it away in less than 5 minutes without allowing the SA to do a proper walk-around. This was problematic for me, as I was left without my garage clicker and charger for a few days (the car 'would take a while to retrieve' and I was in a rush).

5. I specifically told my SA that I needed new tires, and would consider giving them my business if they could provide me with a competitive quote. Totally blew me off........