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How many of you here changed / modified suspension after replacing RFT to non-RFT ???

hi guys,

i just ordered a set of non-run flat tires, Potenza S-04. 225 , 255.
My concern now is this, after you guys change the stock tires and eventually rims, is there a need to change the suspension ?
I dont plan to race or track the car. I just want to comfy, cruiser and fast on the straight aways. i do love corners but as long as its good enough, its fine for me. I don't take the corner too fast.

Our roads here in Philippines has potholes and roughie. Not the best road at all. some concrete, some asphalt.

Would appreciate some inputs.

Are there also here who after changed the RFT to NON_RFT that just stuck to the orig suspension and be happy ?

Is there a desire or need to change the suspension once you go to non-rfts ?

thanks for the inputs.