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Originally Posted by ECSTuning View Post
Our 2-piece rotors are manufactured largely in the United States, with some applications being manufactured in Taiwan.
Ok, I was the unlucky guy who took the taiwanese...

Originally Posted by ECSTuning View Post
Regardless of manufacturing location, our rotors are designed in-house by the engineers in our Research & Development Department.
Super! But excellent engineering can be easily blown away by inconsistent manufacturing

Originally Posted by ECSTuning View Post
We are dedicated to the quality of our product line and invests countless hours of engineering, testing, and quality control to ensure our products meet our standards.
It is so easy, then: please explain more in detail what you actually do once you receive the rotor blanks from wherever outside the US:

  • how do you check that the correct alloy has been used
  • how do you ensure that correct forming has been performed in the Chinese/Taiwanese/wherever foundry
  • how do you verify that the proper heat treatment has been applied in the Chinese/Taiwanese/wherever plant
  • how do you check that blanks have been handled properly
  • and so on...

As you can see, it'a all about details.
Answer to this and, be sure, I will be happy.