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Originally Posted by Bmwbreed View Post
Now that's one csl style wheel I like. And go figure that they are forge stars lol and prolly cost an arm and a leg. And U have cf5s too lol. Those r what I really want in white tho. Great taste n wheels man. And I feel your pain. Haven't been able to drive my car for 3 weeks now. But at least I've never driven it so I can't miss it I guess just long for it. I'm military and it takes forever for paperwork to process to be Able to register ur car n Spain. It arrived at the dealer about a month ago and I've been trying to get all the paperwork done the last 3 weeks so I can finally pick it up. Jus waiting on the system. They take their sweet time and its so irritating. Can't wait to rack up some miles on it. It's only got 2 on it.
Nice! I grew up in Rota!! I'm super jealous you're there. Forgestars are surprisingly affordable. They f14's i got new for 1200 shipped, and the cf5's cost me 1400 shipped. My F14's are a staggered setup i use on the street, and the cf5's are a square setup i use for the track. Once you get it registered you'll love driving the awesome roads of spain. Make sure to take pictures and enjoy man, so much fun. Some of my best memories were riding on the back of my dads bike when i was kid around that country side.
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