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Originally Posted by GaryS View Post
I understand that this is not a QC congress, but there are concepts that are used in the daily life which apply also here. Example:
  • in the sea there are 10 billion fishes
  • in my bath I put 10 fishes
  • Your conclusion: oh, the sea has more fishes than your bath!
  • What if you compare the density? If you divide the no. of fishes by the liters of water (or surface or depth or whatever you prefer), you will easily discover that it is actually easier to find a fish in my bath than in the sea!
What is the conclusion then? If you look at the ratio between the number of iso certificates and the goods manufactured (or plants or workers or whatever you prefer), you will reverse your point of view: China&Taiwan are light years behind

Bump, point refuted (easily)!
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