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Broken front tow hook cover... dealer only option?

Hello gang..... yes, I've been in hibernation for ever. Sorry. And sorry again that my return is a with cap in hand, asking for advice. Does it help if I say I have missed you all very much?

So, 2 bouncing stones on the M25. First hit the screen (chipped), second seems to have hit the little plastic cover in the right corner of the front bumper. Think it is called a tow hook cover? Any thoughts on how to sort it? I've had a look and it seems dealer is the best/only route?

I've been working like a madman for the last few months and now using the 1M for my daily drive from (undisclosed) Bucks to (undisclosed) Herts with a few M25 and A1M junctions thrown in. Often see a yellow M3 on the route and have had a couple of 1M > M3 > M5 convoys/races on the way, so if either of you are on here - hi, and sorry you can't quite keep up perhaps its because I am always 10 mins late.

Aussie - Jezzer - are you still here? I very much hope you are and that you can help? How about a M logo replacement for the cover?