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Originally Posted by 1911A145 View Post
This whole thread is… laughable at best.
Agreed, unfortunately, thanks to people willing to play Perry Mason on forums, like you.
Is is not a process (neither to ECS nor to China), don't take it too seriously.
Express your opinion, I don't care if in agreement or not with the OP, and then move on. We have read of somebody agreeing, somebody else disagreeing, others just asking or giving additional infos. Luckily only a few harsh, negative, totally unuseful contributions like yours.

Originally Posted by 1911A145 View Post
Firstly, the OP is bitching because he received “Chinese” made parts from a US company. WHO GIVES A SHIT! There are MILLIONS of things made in China and not “all” products that are made there are shit products. There are many, MANY products sold In the US that are manufactured in China, including many performance parts for many different vehicles.
Good. Your opinion. We take your point and move on.

Originally Posted by 1911A145 View Post
If the OP wasn’t such a cheap ass, he would have bought real Brembos or similar brakes and be done with it. What the hell do you expect from inexpensive rotors anyhow? You bought rotors from a US company, they look very good in quality and I have yet seen a complaint on these
Yes, a US company which sells Chinese rotors promoting "no compromises" and "superior performance". Do we agree that this is true?

Originally Posted by 1911A145 View Post
yet you feel that the company can somehow turn ANY profit from designing, obtaining raw material, ISO certification, manufacturing, and quality control on a PAIR or rear rotors for 150? And fronts for under 500!?!?
So you admit that on China stuff there is no ISO certification and quality control. Interesting. A bit in contradiction, but interesting.

Originally Posted by 1911A145 View Post
Admit it, you bought a BMW, instead of putting a BBK from the “BIG” guys, you cheaped out and thought the ECS ones were the same ones, or at least the same quality.
Maybe this is your case, since you seem to be very supportive of China import and you confirm you're going to buy a pair. If you're happy, we are happy as well.

Originally Posted by 1911A145 View Post
Are you really that stupid?
Uh uh, is getting hot...

Originally Posted by 1911A145 View Post
Thanks to you, I have found a great replacement for my rotors. I’ll be buying a few pairs. Thanks for the promotion of their products! You showed me how much customer service they have and the awesome products they sell. Thanks!
You see, one of the benefits of having a discussion you would like to quit.
There is always hope also for lobotomised...

You have the ///M logo sticked to your trunk, don't you?

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