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Originally Posted by lem144 View Post
I'd like to update my feelings on this...

I just got back from test driving a 2010 135i m-sport in lemans blue. It was a nice car, and was plenty fast. But...

It didn't produce the ear the ear grin that my e90 gave me when I first test drove it back in early 08. I've had that car for almost 5 years now, and it just "fits", kind of like an old worn in glove. I've decided to keep my e90, with the NA engine, for quite awhile. Sure, it's not as fast, but it's plenty quick, and it's mine.

I'm sure if I was in another type of car the story would be different, but it's hard competing with such a good car as the e90.
The NA 328 is a dog, I'm not sure how the 135 didn't make you grin ear to ear.