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I'm not trying to devalue your claim. I think if you are not satisfied with the product, you have a claim with the company and should be able to return them assuming they are unused and within an appropriate time, which ECS has offered to honor. Its a shame that you paid that much for postage and it isn't too feasible to return them in the end, but that was a risk you took when purchasing internationally.

Im not trying to reduce the brake world to two extremes but rather noting that you get what you pay for. Any USA company putting out USA made brakes for the price of the ECS brakes would not turn profits. No where on their site does it say they are US made.

My suggestion is to try and sell them locally.

Originally Posted by annalisa_ferri View Post
Cool. I prefer rotors that ARE well made

Sorry but you reduce the brake world to two extremes:

Brembo-GT on the heaven side, with hyper-tech products and Shuttle-like quality controls
Shit-stuff prone to blasting at the first hard braking on the other side.

There are companies in between that produce good quality stuff, at good prices, and which are capable to trace the product trees properly with complete information and certificates.

Unfortunately, I discovered (too late) that ECS is not among these.
Unless they answer with less generic statements, of course.