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Originally Posted by DesioMedia View Post
Hi All,

I'm going to my first HPDE at thunder hill this upcoming monday and am super stoked. My car is a bone stock '09 128i sport pkg w/ conti extreme contact DWS all around.

I just brought my car in for a regular service where they replaced the brake fluid (dot 4) and front rotor and pads (stock). Ideally for this event I want to do as few modifications as possible but am concerned with my braking system, that I'll either boil the fluid or cook my pads and ruin my day. Should I just suck it up and put SS brakelines, Motul Brake fluid and get a set of HT-10s?

Also am I going to destroy my tires. I'm not expecting to really push the car to its limits my first time out.
At Thunderhill you only have a couple of threshold braking spots @ turn 9,11, and 14. Even with stock brakes I had very little fade at that track and generally it wasn't till the end of the day when the runs are more open and you can carry more speed into those areas.

For a stock car and it being your first time out I don't suspect you'll have any issues since the amount of speed you'll carry into those turns won't be fast enough to wear them out. That is of course if your smooth on the brake, if you're engaging abs frequently then you may have issues with fade.

If you don't scrub the tires by going into turns to fast you shouldn't have any issue with tire wear. They repaved the track recently so it is very smooth and even the transition strips and rumble strips are in good shape. You shouldn't see much if any difference in the tread after one HPDE. As a matter of fact there is really only one bumpy spot and that's on the inside of turn 8 and the far outside of 8. Just stay off the curb on the inside and don't go pass the curb on the outside and you'll be good.

One of my favorite tracks and perfect for your first time since there is a ton of runoff everywhere. Have fun and maybe I'll see you out there if my brembo's get here tomorrow.

Here's a vid at Thunderhill in my 1 if you wanna see what the track looks like.