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Originally Posted by ichiban View Post
So i've had my v3 for awhile and this problem has gotten more noticeable but not by much. I hear it mostly on the front passenger side. When i go over pot holes, or just uneven pavement, it seems the shock would generate a high pitched noise. It sounds a little metallic but also sounds like when the springs compress while going over speed bumps, but just quicker and higher pitched. any ideas? I checked everything when I did brakes, and didn't see anything, and my alignment guy couldn't see anything either. So I'm pretty stumped, its gotten worse tho and very noticeable now. Thanks for your thoughts.
This happens often. Tips:
  1. It may be that the spring is not aligned with the end caps. See attachment from TIS. Solution: you don't need to decouple spring and damper again, just compress the spring in place, and try to rotate it after a good lube of the top/bottom seats. Only if needed, remove the top hat and realign. Double check after tightening the top bolt!
  1. On top and/or bottom the helics touch each other when compressed; you can see this fully lifting the car and then putting it down to the ground again. Solution: full lift and insertion of rubber protections in the first windings. Cable routers (the ones used to keep your desk clean) of proper diameters are a cheap but very effective solution

Good luck!
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