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Originally Posted by Imran@Evolve View Post
Yes 99 oct is 93 USA equivalent.

This is a 125i which already has the manifold and DISA from the 130i fitted from the factory.

We haven't raised the rev limit on this one but we can if required.

Yes we can take top speed limiter off if required.

Throttle maps are changed to be more aggressive.

The cable can read and clear DTC's and flash file into the ECU. Nothing more.

We do not have any 128i's here but in theory it should be possible to get exactly this power if the car has the required retrofit parts form the 130i/330i. The ECU is the same and map locations are the same.

On a 128i without the required retrofit would have gains of around 10 BHP and 8-10 lb.ft torque I would guess.
Hmmm, I would go for this if it didn't cost $900. Thats a little much for such small gains without the 3 stage intake.
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