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unresolved issues with warranty expiring

hi all,

my warranty is expiring in a couple weeks so i'm scheduling one last service appointment. i have 2 ongoing issues which have been "addressed" at least 10 times each by a number of different dealers, but never successfully fixed. these issues were both first "addressed" in my very first service appointment, and have been mentioned in every subsequent service appointment through now.

1. passenger side window periodically refuses to go up. a couple times it's been so insistent on NOT going up that i've had to leave my car with the window open. once this happened with rain in the forecast, and i actually had to turn around and go home after i parked, cause i didnt want to leave it out in the rain with the window open. it has been reset a million times, they've tried software updates, disassembly/reassembly, replacement of motors and glass, nothing helped. i suspect this is an electrical issue (see below)

2. sunroof rattles all the time. i'm not exaggerating... i've learned to tune it out, but every small crack in the road produces the same old rattle, whether the roof is closed, tilted, or open. again, multiple dealers have tried, but never made any improvements after "looking for it" many times and replacing motors, tracks, glass etc. other times.

i suspect there may be other electrical issues, as sometimes when i come in to a dealer, they will tell me that the information read off my key is nonsensical. most recently, it reported that my brake pads were 390,000 (!) miles overdue for replacement (the car currently has 34,000 miles). when i got the car back, the blinkers didn't work for some reason (this was later fixed with yet another reflash)

so... anyone have any advice/thoughts? i just KNOW these issues will make the car harder to sell, and therefore less valuable on resale. is there anything to do about this? the car is, and has always been completely stock except for kw v1 coilovers, m3 links/swaybars, and wheels/tires (all of which was installed years after the rattle began, so not related)

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