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Hopefully looking at a 1m coupe soon, tell me everything

I joined this site many years ago when the 1 series coupe first came out, but circumstances and whatnot popped up and I went thru a number of various cars. But now it's time to get serious, and the 1m coupe is on the radar.
From researching, I've read numbers ranging from 100 being sold, to a little over 300. White, black and orange are the colours, and drive away pricing brand new was around the $110-115k fully loaded. With little options avail, the only real "wow" options being the heated seats and comfort access (which is the key in pocket gimmick, which I don't care for).

Besides that, the car came pretty well equipped. I've seen various cars for sale with alcantara steering wheels, what other "options" factory or otherwise were also available, that were a must
I'm not looking for a modified example, I've been there before and I'm past that now. This will be a car to keep me for a while, a modern day classic so to speak.

Carsales has about 9 examples, but I can't understand why they r selling for more than they cost new from the dealer.

Fill me in on what u know