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This is a forum, no one has any obligation to tell you anything without please .

1. The initial number was 100 allocations. The final number was 301 including the press car that was crashed but now the only 1M race car in the world run by Beric Lynton. List price ranged from 112-117 depending on state stamp duty, dealer and options. Some got a bargain closer to the end of production.

2. There were 9 options available in the Australian cars: a) debadge, b) comfort access, c) Sun protection glazing, d) skibag, e) seat heating f) high beam assist g) extended connectivity, h) 6 disc changing and i) metallic paint. The key in the pocket gimmic is very good - everyone I know had it continues to tick that box. Whilst the high beam assist in this generation is pretty useless.

3. Alcantara steering wheel is not a factory option, they are all listed above. The must option is the music connectivity, and to me comfort access.

4. You will find many 1M has been modified in some way because it is a keeper for everyone. High quality better than stock component is also available for the 1M. Some pieces that actually went into the MotoGP Safety car such as Akra exhuast, is actually available in the Europe dealer network and fully covered in warranty. Most common mods are the front grills and side gills into gloss black. You should still be able to find stock 1Ms, but they are getting rarer. However, IMO, no reason to keep it stock.

5. There were 300 cars available for the Australian market. The car was highly praised by various well respected car journals all around the world. It is the last analogue M car. Market determines the price of used cars, and if I am selling a car, of course I will last it higher than what I am prepare to sell it for. I know two change hands recently. AlpineE92M3 sold his for 92k.
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