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I like the path you're heading down Walb, I'm no 1M expert so anyone correct me if I'm wrong, but you have the colours right, and the options list on the Aussie cars is very short, they came highly specced in comparison to other parts of the world as I understand.

Stuff like Sat Nav, Big sound was all standard here, you could get the CA as you mentioned as well as the Heated seats, which I personally love. Mine also came with the factory solar tint for the rear half of the car and the audio interface. Not sure what other options there were if any, I just remember meaning to ask as I walked up to the dealer, then taking it for a drive the first time, and then just saying "just get one for me!"

And I tell ya it's a cracking car for a driver. The numbers started at 100 originally, then went to 200 when they allocated another 100 cars for us, but I have a feeling it may have gone beyond that with special orders, probably not by much though.

So it's a very exclusive club, you know this because the cars been out for a year now, and I still get people pointing and mouthing " hey it's a 1M".

The popularity of these cars grew from all of the great reviews as well as the limited production. Add to that the distinct possibility that there will never be another "badged" 1M again as they move to the 2 series, and you have a very special little car.

When I'd decided on one, I called some dealers around the country just to see what they had, and I kept getting, "I've had 8 calls today from people trying to get these, we can't get them anymore". Had one dealer tell me that a gentleman bought one, used it for 5K in three months, went bankrupt, sold it back to the dealer for a loss, and the dealer sold it for $5K above the original drive away price from the second hand lot the next day. So demand is high.

That'll give you an idea.