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Originally Posted by Imran@Evolve View Post
We have stock in both the US and Australia.

For US sales you can go to Evolve US

For Aus sales you can go to Turing MS

As this is a new product I am awaiting details to go up on both sites but this should be done very quickly.

Custom tuning can be done but no necessary on stock cars and would incur additional costs. We pay a lot of attention to throttle mapping and have never had customers complain about the way we do this. The tune gains what it gains. If you have less low down does not mean you can have more up top on a normally aspirated car.

Why would you need to code out the primary cats if you are not removing them? If you are then of course we can code it out.
OK, I will give this a go. I want a custom map that gives the most power possible, how much will this cost?

I currently have a 6AT 2010 125i that already has an ECU flash from another tuning company but it is still too conservative. I dont mind having poor fuel economy for this tune if I can just flash it back to the previous map if I dont require max performance.

A few weeks ago on a Dyno Dynamics machine my car made 146.5rwkw (196hp). On the same day a stock 6MT 130i made 156rwkw (210hp).

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As you can see the air:fuel ratio looks pretty conservative and I am sure more power could be had if you could get more fuel in.

I will contact the distributor in Australia and see what they can organize.