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That's a very, very handsome combo right there!

Here's my suggestion for mods, but since your tastes may vary take them with a grain of sugar:

(1) BMW Performance diffusor - Exhaust tips stick out too far; not really a fan of CF, but you can have a reputable paint shop paint it in either gloss (if you want it to match the mirrors) or matte. You could also go with body color, but imo that would be too much. You need something to contrast with the Space gray. Many would consider it sacrilegious to paint over CF, but its your car so do what is best your own eyes. I painted over the CF CSL trunk and never regretted it (see below). Too much CF looks goofy, and too showy imo.

(2) BMW Performance spoiler - I didn't do it on my 135 obviously because I went with the CSL trunk, but if you do get the Performance diffusor treat the spoiler in the same scheme so they complement one another.

(3) Shadowline or matte front grills - I'd go shadowline to complement the mirrors.

(4) Performance side skirts

(5) Debadge

I think BMW should have had some or all of 1 - 4 as standard equipment to further set the 'is' apart from the garden variety 135, but for some reason they never bothered to ask me.

And as an oh-by-the-way, I'm sure you know that BMW CCA is running a special for December on Performance parts at 10% above invoice.

Just something to pass on to that special loved one(s) in your life so they don't have to guess what to give you.

Even as is though, it's a great looking vehicle. Props again!
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