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Originally Posted by Tee-Dub View Post
What I don't understand is why anyone would buy $400 rotors and spend $200 to get them shipped, regardless of where the parts are made.
Because over here in Germany... the BMW OE rotors cost ~180 euros per rotor w/o 19% German sales tax! That makes each rotor cost around ~$280 EACH!

BMW Performance rotors cost 10 euros more per rotor. (Btw... those prices were from two years ago) when I replaced my rotors. It looks like BMW has dropped the price of the OE rotors to 124 euros now(each). I am sure for the OP, BMW OE rotors aren't cheap in his country.

I have tried using ATE or Brembo or Bosch OEM rotors on my older BMW's.
The price difference is 1/3 the costs of BMW rotors.

Every time I am disappointed with the results. They always wrap. You have to think of driving on the Autobahn as a HPDE(track event). You simply can not cut corners when it comes to brakes or tires. Once I started using BMW rotors - I have had no problems. I always buy OE now and never OEM when it comes to brakes or tires(top tier brands).